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I have known Pamela for a number of years. I remember the focus and passion she exuded during her studies to be the wonderful practitioner she has become. Through cupping, massage and acupuncture treatments Pamela was able to rid me of low back pain due to my exercise regimen. Pamela has also educated me on different herbs, books and just her vast knowledge. Pamela also took the time to teach me some t’ai chi sequences. We are currently using “tuning forks” in my once monthly “tune ups”. Pamela has taken care of my back, but with my meditation, yoga and exercise I continue to receive treatment from Pamela just to remain centered. I would be remiss to not mention Pamela’s demeanor. Pamela has that wonderful calm quality that radiates. You cannot help but feel peaceful from the time you come in and throughout the day. Anyone thinking about receiving acupuncture as well as the many benefits Chinese medicine offers, Pamela Zilavy comes highly recommended!!

J. J., June, 2011


I think Pamela Zilavy is a brilliant healer. She has utilized many modalities in the treatments I have received, including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, sound healing, and facial acupuncture. She has helped me to feel so comfortable and calm with every session, and is very thorough in explaining the particular “workings” of my body’s energy systems. I leave her office every time feeling fantastic. I have noticed so many consistently positive changes and relief from my symptoms and lasting healing.

S. L , April 2011

Pamela is a kind and nurturing individual. Every time I leave her office I feel relaxed and at peace. I recommend Pamela to anyone who is a newby to acupuncture, as she is gentle and patient. I always have a great night sleep after seeing Pamela. She takes her time with each appointment, I never feel rushed, which is important when trying to relax and find you Qi.

T.T., July 2011

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I came to Pamela’s practice after having an allergic reaction to pharmaceutical drugs. This presented itself as hives and a persistent cough. I was immediately impressed by Pamela’s thoughtfulness and thoroughness as she recorded my long-term and more immediate medical history.

It was extremely reassuring to me to have Pamela working (indirectly) with my other doctors; I was also seeing my regular internist, cardiologist, and allergist. She was very careful to complement their treatment and at the same time take a lead role in treating my ailment. She was very open, sharing her knowledge of science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I really learned a lot.

Within several days of taking herbs prescribed by Pamela, my cough began to subside. My hives have also been disappearing over a longer period of time. I feel that the original prognosis by my other doctors that this particular family of Rx drugs, ACE Inhibitors, may take several months to “wash-out” of the system, was probably correct. However, Pamela’s treatment was so complete (acupuncture, cupping, massage cupping, and several different forms of herbs), I feel that this has hastened my recovery.

I highly recommend Pamela’s practice for treatment of allergic reactions.

B.P., July 2011

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Pamela has worked on various parts of my body over a period of perhaps ten years or more. I have had sports injuries, a car accident and a sciatic problem after sitting in a lazy boy for six hours watching tennis and a two hour Giants game. somehow she always gets me going, even though I am a poor patient, meaning that I fail to follow exercise instructions and I am a serious whiner.

D. R., July 2011

Pam's services are absolutely wonderful! I was very excited to begin the recommended cycle of ten constitutional facial acupuncture treatments that are now completed. There has been a marked improvement in my facial features overall. Specifically, my eyelids have lifted, wrinkles have lessened and areas of hyper-pigmentation have lightened. The combination of treatments, products, herbs, and Pam's expert care have all contributed to my feeling better holistically. I've also experienced increased energy levels and improved bodily functioning. Pam is very knowledgeable, personable, and she takes very good care of her patients. Just the mention of a little ailment and she is on it. She provided a wealth of research on TCM and the products/procedures used in treatment. She prescribed herbs targeting problem areas and her website provides great instructions for "cooking" the herbs. Each treatment provided rejuvenation, refreshment and a sense of renewal. I highly recommend Pam's services where I "surrendered to the wisdom of needles".

VS, August 2013

I always feel better after seeing Pamela for acupuncture. When my back was out and very painful her acupuncture treatment got me back on my feet . She is a caring person and very professional. She always has some extra tips or helpful information. She's great and I highly recommend her.

MH, May 2011