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Traditional Chinese Medicine

 and Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a comprehensive system of medicine with a continuous clinical history of over 3,000 years. TCM is based on the theory that energy, or “qi,” flows throughout the body along identifiable channels, called meridians. Acupuncture points are located along the meridians, and when stimulated, cause healing effects. Each meridian, in turn, corresponds with an organ, tendons and muscles. Symptoms are considered to be an artifact of the disharmonious flow of the body's qi.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the underlying cause of disease. The practice of any paradigm of medicine is an art; at Lotus Root we determine your individual and unique symptom pattern, discover where your body has become imbalanced and restore the harmonious flow of qi. In order to gain the most benefit from TCM treatment, patients are encouraged to find a balance in their lifestyle that reinforces TCM therapy.

Acupuncture needles are sterile, flexible stainless steel and ultra thin. They are disposed of after a single use. In the hands of a licensed acupuncturist, the patient’s safety is assured.

While Pamela has successfully treated a wide variety of acute and chronic medical issues, she has gained particular skill with the conditions described below.

Your first visit to Lotus Root Acupuncture will last about 1-1/2 hours. Pamela will listen to your health history, read the pulse and tongue, formulate a treatment plan for your diagnosis and provide an initial treatment.

Please refer to the “Patient Information” page for detailed information, and for links to registration and health history forms to complete prior to your first visit.

The Childbearing Year: fertility enhancement (unexplained infertility, anovulation, cervical mucus, diagnostic testing), conditions of pregnancy, labor support, placenta medicine, postpartum care;

Women’s Health/Gyn: irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, PMS, menopausal symptoms, cystitis, endometriosis, PCOS;

Musculoskeletal: pain of any kind -from injury, post-surgery, fibromyalgia pain, repetitive stress disorders, arthritis, sciatica, low back pain;

Face/Head: earache, ear infection, TMJ, brow ache, migraine/headache, sinusitis/rhinitis, post concussion syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture; (See Specialties Page)

Psycho/Emotional: depression, stress, anxiety, panic, eating disorders, substance abuse, insomnia;

Neurologic: post-stroke, migraine/headache, facial paralysis, neuropathy;

Immune System: the common cold/flu, frequent colds, chronic bronchitis, allergy, skin conditions, sinusitis, hay fever;

Gastrointestinal System: diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux disease, nausea, ulcer;

Respiratory System: asthma, shortness of breath, cough, bronchitis;

And others such as: hepatitis, quit smoking, chronic fatigue syndrome.

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